How to: Purchase a Block of 10 Sessions and Book Them In


  1. You firstly need to BUY the 10 Session block booking.  Select ‘Block of 10 Advanced Kettlebell Classes’. Enter your details including a password as you will need to create an account as a member to have control of your bookings. Check out this purchase at £75 using PayPal or ‘check out as a guest’.  Keep your password safe as you will need this to move or change your bookings.



  1. You will receive a confirmation text and email once this purchase is made. Again, please do not delete your confirmation email as you will need that in case you want to cancel your booking.
  2. Once you have purchased the block, you now need to BOOK your desired classes.










  1. Select ‘Advanced Beginners Kettlebell Class’ and select BOOK. You will be presented with a 3 month calendar of available classes. Choose the class you want and click BOOK. Again, always check the details to know if there is availability.



  1. On the payment screen it will offer you two options: to pay the £10 for the class or ‘use your prepaid bookings’, you want to select your prepaid bookings.  It will also give you a balance of remaining classes you have left in your booking. Repeat this process to book as many classes in advance as you choose.  This classes are valid for 6 months





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