Leucine 1000 is a branched chain amino acid supplement source from premium grade Leucine. It is designed for high performance elite athlete training with a high strength formulation that provides 1000mg of Leucine per tablet.

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Product Description

Leucine is deemed an essential amino acid and is one of three amino acids found in Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAAs) supplements. Whilst isoleucine and valine are not without their merits, it’s leucine that’s been studied by strength specialist scientists the most. So understanding the importance of leucine supplementation, the TPW™ Development Team set out to create the most potent and powerful form in sports nutrition today. The result was Leucine 1000 which contains 1000mg of leucine in a single tablet.


Leucine 1000 Lean Muscle

Leucine 1000 is considered a very pure product. It is calorie free so has no nutritional or caloric impact whatsoever. This is why it’s a very popular product with those looking to build lean muscle. Furthermore, it’s gluten free and wheat free meaning it’s suitable for those with food allergies. Lastly, as with all products in THE PROTEIN WORKS™ range, it’s GM FREE meaning it is as natural and pure as it can possibly be. At TPW™, we will always have this philosophy across all our products.



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