The Warrior Goddess Body

(And honestly, my life's work in the service of my warrior goddesses and strong women around the world)

A Unique and Ethical lifestyle programme that focuses on the cycles of energy and life that is experienced only by women.  A female centric cyclical programme that takes into account the ancient wisdom, life cycles, hormones and struggles faced only by women to focus on getting lean, strong and curvy and a body that is the vessel for life in all its challenges and adventures. Embracing the plant based formula with intermittent fasting which supports the body in the building of lean muscle into a truly feminine form for the ultimate in holistic women’s health and wellbeing.

Lisa Barwise

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What People Are Saying About Lisa, Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training & Online Programmes:

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    28 from Belfast

    After a major dip in confidence and fitness, I decided to sign up to Lisa's Beginners Kettlebell course and I haven't looked back since. I am almost finished her Online Bootcamp and have just completed the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Workshop and I couldn't recommend them all highly enough. Who would have thought getting strong, fit and kick-ass could be so empowering and so much fun!

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    34 from Dublin

    I loved this online bootcamp program as it gave me the skills to improve my diet, exercise and overall well being. This approach has been encompassed into both my life and my husband's life and we have made permanent positive changes to our lifestyle. The support throughout was brilliant, and Lisa's wisdom and advice (not to mention her energy and motivation) is second to none. I can't recommend this program enough.

  • Barbara

    36 from Belfast

    This programme has really opened my eyes to healthy eating. It may sound daunting to sign up for a 6 week programme but the support and accountability you receive make things straightforward. This isn't a "diet", it's a change to your lifestyle that you'll want to carry on with after the 6 weeks are over

So What’s The Book About?

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What is Inside The Book?

3 Important Woman's Holistic Health & Wellbeing Lessons You’ll Learn

    1. So why would we want to be a Warrior Goddess and have a Warrior Goddess’ Body? We live in a time of unprecentred stress and busyness.  With so many demands on our time and energy. However, there is a new revolution for women, from being focused solely on other’s needs to prioritising our own.  Serving from an empty vessel takes its toll on our health and on our bodies.  When we bring our attention back to rediscovering who we are, from the inside out and understanding our body and our soul, then we can truly step into our own genuine and authentic power and be able to follow our passions and desires and serve others on a higher level.  We discover true strength.  Strength of mind, body and character and  the ability to stand strong in all life's challenges and adventures.
    2. Why you HAVEN’T achieved the Warrior Goddess Body yet?
      Do you look around and see images of flat bellied semi clad women in the media and wonder why you have never achieved your 'perfect' body? Culture dictates what is the norm for our own perception of body image and the food industry focusing on profits, gears up their marketing engine and gets us hooked on sugary and processed foods.  For years, you’ve been told that losing weight is simply a matter of moving more and eating less.
      I’m here to tell you that’s nonsense. There are things that your body is dealing with every second of every day without you even realizing it. As you go about your daily life, little do you know that underlying, invisible forces are likely stopping you from losing weight, holding you back, and making you miserable. Invisible forces? What are these invisible forces?
    3. Women Are Living Longer.  In 1900 the average woman lived 47.3 years, by 1989 it was 75.3 years. Now, if you live to 65, you can expect to live another 18.8 years or to nearly 84.  There are 470 million postmenopausal women in the world today, and by 2015, 50% of the women in the United States will be postmenopausal. The skew in population toward elders is a new sociological phenomenon. My premise is that social change will burgeon due to this large pool of women who have come of age in an era of opportunity for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.  We need to update the old archetypes of maiden, mother and crone—the tripartite view of the feminine lifecycle which had its roots in the older “goddess” cultures—to match current trends. Women used to be crones in their forties, physically and emotionally spent by a life of constant childbearing. With the elongation in lifespan—and choice about family size—a fourth aspect of the lifecycle has become identifiable; mid-life. Because of bio-psychological changes that make a woman both more “fierce” and compassionate in these years—oriented to protecting life—this mid-life stage in the woman’s lifecycle is called “the guardian" and we must learn to embrace it.

    About The Author

    Lisa considers herself the Ultimate Mind, Body Wellness Alchemist.

    As a Transformation Coach, her goal is to help ladies around the world transform into their most warrioresque, genuine selves so they can be the best women they can be.

    Her mission is to provide the nutritional advice and weight loss support to women on a holistic level, taking account of educational, physical and emotional issues to facilitate transformation. Women can then be the true role models to their whole family to prevent growing issues like obesity, disease and illness.

    Certified in Health, Weight loss, Fitness and Lifestyle Change, Lisa is the creator of Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training which is a careful combination of kettlebells, yoga and martial arts.

    Lisa spent 5 years becoming a certified coach and practitioner of Rational Inquiry™, (a cutting-edge technology that enables the rapid identification and facilitation of the removal of limiting beliefs), she has helped transform individuals into energetic, resourceful, responsible, ethical, and profit-generating players.

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