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are you having a mid life crisis?
If you have ever asked yourself:

There has got to be more to life than this?

Am I really valued in what I do everyday?

Am I fulfilling my true potential to shine bright & make a difference?

maybe it's a meaningful life crisis?
Then maybe it is not a midlife crisis but a meaningful life crisis you are having.

If you are sick of worrying over money, feeling undervalued and lack meaning in your life, come learn more about how The Sisterhood can deliver this and more.

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Lisa Barwise had her own meaningful life crisis and now has taken the leap of faith to live a life of purpose, passion and helping others to live their best lives. All whilst living the Ultimate Healthy Living Lifestyle and building a Soulful business.
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'Connection & True Sisterhood'
it changed how i saw friendship.
'Laughs & Giggles everyday'
it changed my mindset and outlook.
'We do it together as a team.'
it changed my life, my bank account and world.
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